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Open Marine Technology and Engineering Laboratory

Open Marine Technology

and Engineering


Open Marine Technology and Engineering Laboratory

OpenMarTech laboratory is part of MaResMa team since 2015. OpenMarTech is dedicated to research about use and adaptation of open source technologies in marine research at both software and hardware levels.


The relevance of developing research in this field results from the fact that those technologies have been dramatically expand the possibilities to develop new tools and concepts, which:


  1. fit highly specialized researchers needs;

  2. face challenges in minimizing cost and reducing financial risks for later individual or institutional projects, and;

  3. save economic and material resources to research entities.


With a multidisciplinary team, OpenMarTech is organized around the development of research activities (fundamental and applied), complemented by the promotion of dissemination actions.


Open Source Software (OSS)


SDMs have been used to address various issues in conservation biology and climate change research. However, despite the rapid improvement of methods, practical issues often remain. Specific objectives are to include the appropriate tools for large data set processing, storage and management of spatial data, and visual representation.

Open Source Hardware (OSH)

The difference between developing open source software and open source hardware is the tangible outputs. Development, adaptation and prototyping of open source hardware, with the specific objective of looking for new tools and concepts to apply in the collection of marine data.

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