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Research fields

1. Fisheries (dynamics of marine biological resources; management of marine fishes and invertebrates, mainly echinoderms; population genetics; fishery biology; genetic and biological stocks delimitation; fisheries stock assessment)


2. Aquaculture (biotechnology for sea cucumbers aquaculture; starvation; feeding; energy budgets; reproduction in captivity; hatchery; sea ranching; genetics improvement; inbreeding)


3. Marine Ecology (fish and echinoderms ecology; echinoderms behavior; methods of data analysis; population connectivity; molecular ecology)


4. Marine Conservation (Marine Protected Areas, re-stocking activities, biodiversity and marine resources conservation, society and natural resources)


5. Invasive species (aquatic biological invasions; climate change; genetic patterns of colonization)


6. Marine Science Education (group communication, volunteer programs, society and natural resources, collaboration with NGOs)

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