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OpenMarTech at the Maker Faire Lisbon, 2015

We make our presence at the Makerfaire Lisbon 2015. OpenMarTech shares the space with the eLab-HACKERSPACE and the UAlg. In fact, a quarter of the Makerfaire projects belonged to Algarve proposals! We would like to thank the eLab-HACKERSPACE for an incredible makerfaire experience and also congratulate them for two blue ribbons! They also won an award for the best scientific project, in which João Duarte builtt an ionic propellor. OpenMarTech also deserved three blue ribons!

Maker movement and Faire spirit

The launch of MAKE Magazine in 2005 provided the catalyst for a tech-influenced DIY community that has come to be identified as the Maker Movement.

Makers of all ages have created their own market ecosystem, combining ingenious makers and innovative technologies such as Arduino and personal 3D printing, are driving innovation in manufacturing, engineering, industrial design, hardware technology and education. More information about Maker Media, Inc. can be found at

Maker Faire is the greatest show (and tell)- a family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement. Distinctions of Makers of merit constitute the climax of the Maker Faire. Maker Faire Editor’s Choice Blue Ribbon Winners embraced the DIY Spirit and inspire Makers of all ages! We should congratulate them on their achievements and participation in the Maker Movement.

OpenMarTech presence at the Maker Faire Lisbon 2015

Two of them were to the small footprint mini-Ewaste. João Reis, an active collaborator of the lab, deserve a lot of the credit for its great contribution to the modifications to the design and the construction of the 3D printer.

Another blue ribbon were to the UVI camera, in which the participation of Max Ritter was crucial for this development.

#hardware #OpenMarTech

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