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Course on Application of molecular tools in Panamá

Two weeks ago (23-25th November 2015), Dr. Mercedes Wangüemert and the PhD student, Jorge Domínguez, both researchers working in CCMAR, were in the Universidad Maritima de Panama to teach the course “Application of molecular tools on fishery management, aquaculture and restocking of sea cucumbers”. The course was organized thanks to the collaboration of Panamanian and Portuguese institutions: INDICASAT AIP (Instituto de Investigaciones Científicas y Servicios de Alta Tecnología de Panamá), ARAP (Autoridad de los Recursos Acuáticos de Panamá) and CCMAR (Centro de Ciências do Mar).


During the course, Dr. Wanguemert and Jorge Domínguez had the opportunity to discuss about the problematic of sea cucumber fisheries and potential solutions to their over-exploitation with the General Administrator of ARAP, Mr. Iván Flores, and the National Director of Research and Development Department, Mr. Marco Mendizabal. Both demonstrated a great interest on the new molecular tools to improve the fishery management and aquaculture development of sea cucumbers, and were assessed further collaborations between the research institutions.

Panamanian and Portuguese team organizing the course (from left to right: Yesuri Pino, Carlos Vergara-Chen, Giomar Borrero, Mercedes Wanguemert, Laura Molina, Jorge Domínguez)

Under the framework of this project were also carried out another activities such as visits to several aquaculture centers in Panamá managed by ARAP such as Biological Station in Vacamonte or Achotines Laboratory, meeting with researchers from Smithsonian Tropical Center, samplings in the Natural Park of Iguana island in the Pacific Ocean or Cacique in the Caribbean Sea.

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