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Aquaculture Europe Congress in Rotterdam (Netherlands)

The Aquaculture Europe Congress organized by European Aquaculture Society was celebrated this year (20-23th October) in Rotterdam (Netherlands). We were there presenting two oral communications which showed our work focused on Holothuria arguinensis' aquaculture and potential genetic effects of Paracentrotus lividus hatchery-release for restocking in wild populations. Not many presentations about echinoderm aquaculture were presented, but we attended to some interesting talks and contacted researchers sharing our interests. Also, we enjoyed in the congress with some colleagues from CCMAR such as Dr. Antonio Sykes: we did a very good tasting of the cuisine from different countries of the world, winning the Greek cuisine of course!

Jorge Domínguez-Godino, PhD student presented a summary of our research on Holothuria arguinensis and its applicability on aquaculture of European sea cucumbers

Dr. Mercedes Wangüemert showed the results from their more recent work about the genetic risks of restocking action in wild populations from hatchery-releases.

European Aquaculture Congress 2015 advertisement.

It was a very nice time to visit Rotterdam!

#aquaculture #seacucumber #congress #genetics

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