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New Msc students arrival

New Msc students are coming to MARESMA team! Jethro van't Hull from University of Bremen will assess the Holothuria arguinensis stocks in Ria Formosa (S Portugal), Inne Whitouck from Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (EMBC Program) will study the use of H. arguinensis and H. polii as bioindicators of organic matter and heavy metal pollution, Iarre Lafort from the same university and program, will work on behaviour patterns of H. arguinensis and finally, Alfonso Díaz will review the traditional characters for taxonomic identification of commercial species belonging to Holothuria genus along their geographical distribution and will create a molecular barcoding for these new target species.

Last week, we went to Praia de Faro showing the sea cucumber visual census methodology to Inne and Jethro. They enjoyed so much walking into muddy bottoms!!! We found both holothurian species inhabiting Ria Formosa (H. arguinensis and H. mammata) and also many other interesting invertebrate species.

Jethro trying to walk through the muddy bottoms! We know that he enjoyed so much!

This day was also a good “introduction” to Ria Formosa' samplings for Inne.

Both students finished the sampling rightly and enjoyed the day!

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