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MaResMa visited China

Since 4th to 14th May 2017, Jorge Domínguez and Mercedes Wangüemert travelled to China for meeting with our CUMARSUR partners from IOCAS. We shared information about methodologies for sea cucumber aquaculture and strategies for the next project calls. Also, we visited some sea cucumber companies to better understand the methodologies used there and to improve our biotechnology on aquaculture. It was a very interesting travel with valuable contacts. Thanks all our partners there, they were amazing and took care of us every minute, specially “Betty” from Sayanes Mar, S.L.

Meeting with Dr. Yang and Dr. Zhang in IOCAS (Qingdao, China). Dr. Yang signed our books with a very beatiful and perfect writing!

First meeting with our IOCAS partners in Qingdao

Sampling in Swan lagoon, looking for Apostichopus japonicus in seaweeds

Visiting a small company for sea cucumber aquaculture and processing

Explanation “in situ” about the sea cucumber aquaculture of Apostichopus japonicus juveniles

Chinese shop selling sea cucumbers of high quality

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